Hosting your own on-premises private ChatGPT

Many businesses face challenges when it comes to leveraging the power of ChatGPT while safeguarding sensitive and private information from third-party Large Language Models (LLM's) like ChatGPT and Google Bard. The risks associated with sharing data with these companies, who utilize it for retraining their models and fail to comply with GDPR regulations, are significant. To address these challenges, we proudly present MirageGPT, an on-premises solution that allows you to harness the capabilities of ChatGPT without compromising data security.

Privacy issues with ChatGPT

“The privacy considerations with something like ChatGPT cannot be overstated. It's like a black box. (...) I think the opportunity for company trade secrets to get dropped into these different various AI’s is just going to increase.”

Mark McCreary
Mark McCreary
Co-chair of the privacy and data security practice at law firm Fox Rothschild LLP, at CNN
Gijs Verdonschot

Looking for a private ChatGPT solution that can be deployed on-premises?

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MirageGPT eliminates the need to share your sensitive information with external entities by enabling you to run your own Language Model (LLM) platform. By hosting the solution on-premises, you maintain full control over your data, reducing the risk of inadvertent leaks or unauthorized access. This empowers businesses to engage with new AI-possibilities without compromising the confidentiality of their proprietary information or customer data.

MirageGPT platform

In addition to the privacy-focused infrastructure, MirageGPT offers a range of integrated features designed to enhance your generative AI platform. The platform comes equipped with integrated knowledge bases, enabling your chatbot to provide accurate and up-to-date information to users. Furthermore, MirageGPT seamlessly integrates with diverse systems, allowing for effortless connectivity and streamlined operations.


We understand that businesses have unique requirements when it comes to infrastructure. With MirageGPT, you have the flexibility to deploy the solution either in a private cloud environment or on your own hardware. This ensures that you can tailor the deployment to suit your specific needs, whether it's adhering to internal security protocols or leveraging existing resources efficiently.

Ready-to-Use Package

To simplify the implementation process, Mirage Studio also offers a comprehensive package that includes both the MirageGPT software and compatible hardware. This turnkey solution enables you to quickly set up and deploy MirageGPT on your own infrastructure, allowing you to start leveraging its benefits without delay.

Getting started

To learn more about how MirageGPT can support your operations, we invite you to visit our MirageGPT solutions page. There, you can explore more about our offerings. Or contact us for more information.

We look forward to discussing the exciting possibilities for your company and helping you unlock the immense potential of MirageGPT.