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Mirage Studio product screenshot about MirageGPT, a private LLM: A conversation with our private MirageGPT assistant to write a annual report with confidential information.

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The Power of ChatGPT with GPDR privacy

Keep your data 100% yours

MirageGPT is built for businesses and individuals looking to protect their privacy and sensitive information from access by OpenAI and other third parties.

A private ChatGPT variant

MirageGPT is an easy-to-use private ChatGPT variant. It includes a private knowledge base, integrations, and more. You can host it online on a EU Cloud or on-premises on your own servers.

Protecting data is one of our core values

At Mirage Studio, data privacy, transparency, and information security are paramount. We dedicate significant attention to the processing and protection of your data to ensure your rights and safety online.

GDPR and Information Security

Our private LLM solution is designed with GDPR and Information Security requirements in mind, offering you a secure and compliant option for leveraging advanced language models while safeguarding your sensitive data.

“Every day, your trade secrets and sensitive data are being leaked by using third-party AIs like ChatGPT or Google Bard.“

Gijs Verdonschot
Co-Founder of Mirage Studio

The risks of third-party AIs

Why not use ChatGPT?

According to the terms of ChatGPT, they can access and use your information for retraining their model, potentially exposing your private information. This can be problematic when it comes to sensitive company information, such as your customer info, business strategy, employee details and business weaknesses.

“The privacy considerations with something like ChatGPT cannot be overstated. It's like a black box. (...) I think the opportunity for company trade secrets to get dropped into these different various AI’s is just going to increase.”

Mark McCreary
Mark McCreary
Co-chair of the privacy and data security practice at law firm Fox Rothschild LLP, at CNN

There are already numerous examples available of articles warning about the risks and instances where actual data breaches have occurred leading to the disclosure of extremely sensitive information. Recently, Samsung banned the use of ChatGPT by employees completely.

  • Does ChatGPT have privacy issues? "ChatGPT can be a bit of fun, but you might take it more seriously when you know how much private data it collects about you."
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  • OpenAI says a bug leaked sensitive ChatGPT user data "The same glitch that shared chat history titles may have divulged email addresses and payment info too."
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  • OpenAI Terms: Use of Content to Improve Services "We may use Content from Services (...) to help develop and improve our Services."
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As the international business landscape shifts toward prioritizing privacy, it is crucial for you to adapt as well! This highlights the significance of embracing a privacy-centric, EU-based and hosted ChatGPT alternative.

Not just a ChatGPT Alternative

MirageGPT offers a feature-rich LLM Platform

The MirageGPT platform provides an all-in-one package featuring the following components:

Cutting-edge private LLM
Get access to a state-of-the-art Large Language Model (LLM) that will be frequently improved.
Private knowledge base
Store internal information in your knowledge base that will be directly accessible to interact with in your private LLM. Add information with our user-friendly interface which supports uploads of various formats, including PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, emails, text, and entire websites.
Powerful integration
Enable exciting features like connecting your private LLM with Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Discord, allowing direct interaction from these platforms to your LLM.
Easy-to-use interface
Interact with your private LLM in a chat-like interface which allows for conversations in a easy and effort-less way.
Get support whenever you need it. We are here to support you and to help you get the most out of the platform.
Mirage Studio product screenshot about our knowledgebase feature: Upload CSV, Excel, Docx, Powerpoint, PDF, HTML and more to your private knowledgebase and your private MirageGPT will use this in its answers.

New possibilities

A privacy-first LLM platform enables new possibilities

There are various applications based on sensitive business and personal data that can be utilized with a self-hosted private LLM but not with ChatGPT. These include, among others, the following:

Private assistant
Store your emails and link your calendar to your private knowledgbase. Use your private LLM as your personal assistant to answer emails and make appointments that fit your availability.
Discussing Legal Sensitivities
Upload potential legal sensitivities within the company to your private LLM and seek advice.
Brainstorming Business Strategy
Share your business strategy with the private LLM to collaboratively brainstorm and identify potential improvements or weaknesses.
Internal Documentation
Easily make internal documentation available for your private LLM. The LLM can answer questions or perform tasks based on your internal documentation and company guidelines.
Internal Code
Share your internal code with the LLM to answer questions about the code, provide code suggestions, and generate documentation based on your code.
Pursuing Potential Leads
Share information about conversations with potential clients with your private knowledge base, allowing your private LLM to provide suggestions and assist you in following up on leads in a personalized manner.
CRM Information Integration
Share customer information from your CRM to receive personalized recommendations from your private LLM on how to best engage with a client..


MirageGPT Platform Plans

Built for businesses and individuals looking to protect their privacy and sensitive information from access by OpenAI and other third parties. Choose one of our 3 plans that fits your organization's needs best:

Business Cloud

Private MirageGPT Business platform, hosted on Europe's leading cloud provider

€99 per user / month excl. VAT

Contact sales
  • Hosted in EU
  • Private business platform
  • 1 private knowledge database
  • Fast response speed
  • Fast support response time

Enterprise Cloud

Private MirageGPT Enterprise platform, hosted in private cloud on EU leading cloud


Contact sales
  • Hosted in EU
  • Private enterprise platform
  • Unlimited private knowledge databases
  • Turbo+ response speed
  • Fast support response time
  • Whitelabel - custom domains + branding
  • Advanced analytics & reports
  • API platform

Enterprise On-premises

Self-hosted MirageGPT Enterprise platform, available with and without hardware


Contact sales
  • Self hosted
  • Self hosted platform environment
  • Self hosted knowledge databases
  • Turbo+ response speed
  • Fast support response time
  • Whitelabel - custom domains + branding
  • Advanced analytics & reports
  • Self hosted API platform
  • Available with hardware plan

NEW: All-in-one On-Premises Hardware Package

Explore our MirageGPT in a box offerings for a fully on-premises AI solution that ensures maximum privacy and performance.

View On-Premises Packages
Employee of Shoppros looking away

“Researching AI for e-commerce product data we came across MirageGPT with their private ChatGPT product. We wanted to have a solution for our customers that was secure in where data did not needed to be shared with other commercial parties.

We've been really impressed with the model's capabilities and the support MirageGPT offered.”

Gijs Kooij
CEO of ShopPros - Shopify Professionals


With a wealth of experience in designing and building privacy-compliant software, we are committed to building MirageGPT, the privacy-first ChatGPT alternative.

Daryl Autar

Daryl Autar

Co-founder & AI lead

Founder and CEO at Imagine AI and Wavy Health Inc (ISO 27001 and ISO 13485 compliant). Ex lead data scientist at Hallmark and Capgemini. Quality Management officer and acting Information Security officer for a multinational medical company. Compliance and Data Privacy are my bread and butter.

Gijs Verdonschot

Gijs Verdonschot

Co-founder and Software Engineer

Tech entrepreneur, CEO CraftBoxs. Multiple times awarded 500 most talented under 30 by TheNextWeb's T500. Expertise in building privacy-by-design software applications. Wrote world's first ChatGPT calculator plugin and maintainer of multiple other ChatGPT plugins.


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